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Brightspot CMS for business and editorial users
User Conference sessions for content creators and publishers covered upgrade highlights and powerful tools that help publishing teams create, collaborate and optimize using Brightspot CMS.

CMS Highlights
Join Meredith Rodkey, Brightspot's SVP of Platform Product Management & Solutions, as she provides an overview of many of the features in version 4.5, including Editorial Content Types, new Page Building features, a Microsoft Teams integration, Assignment Desk and more.

Brightspot CMS highlights for business and editorial teams

Join Brightspot's Mark Hoover and Parker Ramsdell for an exploration into the different ways we use Brightspot CMS ourselves to power experiences like our new Support Desk portal and employee intranet.
Learn more about how Brightspot's DAM and workflow management offerings fit with your existing Brightspot solution to make content authoring easier and more efficient from pitch to publish.
Brightspot Senior Product Manager Ashley Krauss walks through CMS admin features to help manage user accounts and roles, dashboards, site settings, themes and more.
Join Dylan Gang, Brightspot Principal Product Manager, for a demo and live Q&A session around how to create landing pages in Brightspot CMS with new 4.5 features like preview-to-edit, the Shelf, style groups, content templates, preview and more.
Join Meredith Rodkey, Brightspot's SVP of Platform Product Management & Solutions, as she shows how teams can work together on content while leveraging Brightspot features like notifications, viewers, locking and conversations.
Diego Rodriguez, a product scientist at Brightspot, offers a demo of Brightspot's powerful suite of new, in-CMS Google Analytics features around pages, dashboards and more.
Brightspot SEO expert Miles De Feyter walks through the ever-changing and highly critical SEO landscape, a core area of focus for Brightspot CMS since its inception—and one that continues to evolve with various innovative new features and opportunities.
Brightspot User Conference 2022
Held virtually in February 2022, visit our User Conference hub to browse the highlights from the conference keynotes, panelist sessions, product demos and live Q&As.

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