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Brightspot CMS for developers
Covering topics including the foundations of Brightspot's GraphQL and API framework to creating content types without back-end development, our developer-focused sessions offer teams the tools they need to build and innovate on the Brightspot platform.

An interactive look at the unique features of Brightspot’s GraphQL implementation as well as the API Framework on which it was built by Brightspot Chief Architect Dan Slaughter.

Brightspot CMS highlights for developers

Take a detailed look at our newest styleguide with Brightspot Architect Tom Hoppe.
In this live demo, Mark Conigliaro, Brightspot Principal Software Engineer, shows how to create new content types using Brightspot CMS, which eliminates the dependency for back-end development resources to become available and frees up front-end devs to test, deploy and innovate.
Lee Teague, SVP of Engineering at Brightspot, offers a live demo of how developers can quickly and easily customize the UI within the CMS with JavaScript instead of Java.
Brightspot User Conference 2022
Held virtually in February 2022, visit our User Conference hub to browse the highlights from the conference keynotes, panelist sessions, product demos and live Q&As.

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